When Can I Read Your Book?

Traditional publishing is a notoriously long process, and the timeline looks different for everyone.

My debut cozy fantasy romance, VIOLET THISTLETHWAITE IS NOT A VILLAIN ANYMORE, is currently on submission. What does that mean? What comes next? When can you read it? Well, check out the timeline below, which I will update whenever I have news!

"When Can I Read Your Book" shows a timeline breakdown of each step in Emily's publishing journey so far, including writing, revisions, querying, submissions, offer, book deal, editing, preorders, and on-sale!

Here’s a little about the book:

After the evil sorcerer that Violet has served her entire life is vanquished, all she wants is a chance to start over and set down some roots that sprout peonies instead of poisons for once. She settles in the town of Dragon’s Rest, where she hopes to open a flower shop, keep her sentient (and mildly homicidal) pet houseplant out of trouble, and cold-turkey quit the use of dark magic after a lifetime of villainy. Simple, right?

Violet’s vibrant bouquets and feats of plant magic soon charm the welcoming townsfolk, although nothing she does seems to impress Nathaniel Marsh, the prickly-yet-handsome alchemist who shares her greenhouse and is desperately seeking a second chance of his own. 

But just as Violet starts to think she’s pruned away all the thorns of her nefarious former life, a mysterious blight threatens her new home. Violet and Nathaniel must work together through their fears, their pasts, and their growing feelings for one another to save their community. When a figure from Violet’s past comes knocking on her door, threatening to expose her secret and destroy everything she’s built, Violet is forced to face whether a villain like her ever truly deserves to grow her own happily ever after.

Watch this space for more updates!

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