Welcome to Literary Devices, your one-stop shop for getting to know your characters, developing a plot that feels tight and well-paced, creating a solid, complex world for your story, and getting your book out into the world!

Got a new book idea you’re dying to write? Use these templates to get to know your cast, like an awkward icebreaker at a work retreat, or to design your world.

Started writing already but you’re stuck in writer’s block-land? Use these templates to learn about your book from a different angle.

Finished writing and ready to start revisions? Use these templates as a reverse outline to help make sure everything’s as strong as it can be!

The templates below are all available in printable PDF format, designed for you to use them as many times as you like, for as many projects and characters as you feel necessary. Right now, they’re split into themed packs, but if you’re looking for something a little more all-inclusive, watch this space for a guided writer’s journal, coming soon.

Happy writing!

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