Why do I need a writing coach?

Maybe there’s a story or a message in the back of your mind that you want to share with the world, but you haven’t done any real writing since high school or college. Or maybe you write blog posts for your business, but you feel like they’re not reaching your audience as well as they could be. Maybe you’ve already written the first draft of your novel, but you feel like it’s a mess of tangled storylines and incomplete thoughts. Whatever your problem, let me be your word doctor. Together, we will discuss and diagnose the issue and formulate a custom solution suited to your exact needs.

Why do I need an editor?

If you’re a human being who has strung words together and is thinking about sharing them with someone, you need an editor. No, seriously. Everyone needs an editor. Whether you’re writing social media posts for your business or you’re a best-selling novelist with dozens of books under your belt, there is no writer who couldn’t benefit from an extra pair of eyes on their work. An editor serves as an outside, objective perspective, with a fresh outlook on your work’s structure, style, and details. A good editor will be supportive, but won’t go easy on you; their job is to maximize your work, not your ego.

I’m terrified of letting someone else look at my baby! How do I know you’re not going to tear it apart?

I know, I know. I’m a writer myself, and I know just how scary it can be to pour your heart and soul into your work, and then pass it off to a stranger. And to be honest, I’ll probably make some suggestions and changes you won’t love. But here’s the thing: From the moment we start working together, remember that we are a team working toward a common goal. And just like any team, it’s important to build a level of trust and mutual respect. I work closely with each of my clients, with an open channel of communication to make sure you feel your work is in the best hands. I offer you my skills and my honesty, and in return I expect an open mind and a willingness to work together. Remember, we are teammates, and a win for you is a win for me.

What does a coach/editor not do?

I’m on your team, but I am not here to be your cheerleader. I want to push you and your work to be better, and sometimes that means giving advice or suggestions you won’t agree with or like. That being said, I am always firmly and wholeheartedly on your team. When I give criticism or insight, it is because I truly believe you have the capacity to grow as a writer, and I want to be there with you every step of the way in your journey.

I am not a ghostwriter. I will not finish your novel for you, nor will I write a blog post based on your outline. I will offer suggestions and can make changes, but everything I add must come from the work you’ve already created.

For ethical and professional reasons, I will not review my clients’ completed books on Amazon, Goodreads, or other similar sites to bolster your sales. What I can do is help you make that book the best it can be before it is published, so real readers fall in love with it, and offer insight as to how best market your work to a wider audience.

Why are YOU the right person for me and my project?

You want the truth? I might not be.

I pride myself on accepting clients whose work excites me, and whom I truly feel I can help, and that means I’ll be completely honest with you about whether I think we’re a good fit. Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation—we’ll chat about your project and your needs and go from there.

How do I get started?

You’re here, and that’s the first step. If you’re interested in editing or coaching services, start by dropping me a quick email. Send me a sample of your writing if you’ve got one on hand, and tell me a little bit about your past experiences with writing, your goals, and some of the obstacles you’ve found along the way. From there, we’ll set up a free consultation meeting via phone or video so we can chat and see if we’re a good fit. Click here to get started.