Coaching sessions mean something different for everyone, and it’s important to find a coach whose style meshes with your own.

When you sign up for a coaching package with me, we’ll first schedule a 30-minute consultation to determine the scope of what you need. Do you need help staying accountable and actually finishing that manuscript you’ve been working on for five years? Or did you receive feedback from an editor, beta reader, or critique partner that you’re not sure how to tackle? Writing can be overwhelming for a vast variety of reasons, and as your coach, I’m here to help you make sense of it all. We’ll schedule sessions on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis, and meet via Zoom so we can really feel like we’re getting to know each other. Between coaching sessions, I’ll review some of the work you’ve been doing, and when we talk, we’ll go over the issues and obstacles you’ve been facing as a writer and come up with a plan to overcome them. I’ll also send you resources from around the internet—blog posts, videos, and book recommendations—to help you absorb information in other ways if you’re more of a visual or experiential learner.

Coaching sessions sometimes turn into mini-lessons about the craft of writing, and sometimes—especially if you’re writing a personal memoir—they might feel a little bit like a therapy session. But my goal as a writing coach is always to help you become a better writer, whether that means setting goals and schedules or teaching you exactly what “passive voice” really means.

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